System requirements for this course

To fully follow the course, you will need a running cardano-node instance on one of the Cardano testnets (preferably preview). The cardano-node instance is required to actually interact with and test the scripts you build. The other requirement is having an environment for writing and compiling Plutus scripts. Together, these two roughly add up to the following two minimal system requirements:

  • working memory: 8 GB RAM

  • disk space: 40 GB would be the minimum, 60-80 GB recommended

Setting up cardano-node

There are many ways to set up a cardano-node. This guide favours the use of the guild operators' guide: To avoid building the binaries yourself, you can use the already compiled binaries from IOG (found on the cardano-node release pages) instead. This is also explained in the guild operators' guide. A short video will be available that follows the instructions as well.

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